Ocean Shores is FOR the birds!

Birding is best in Ocean Shores. On the south end of our city, from the North Jetty that feeds into the Oyhut Wildlife Recreation Area, all the way across to the Protection Island and the breath-taking Damon Point State Park, dozens of bird species grace our coasts.

Birdwatching in Ocean Shores is a terrific hobby all year round, and in almost every corner of the Shores.

All year-round, come see what makes Ocean Shores such a haven for migrating species and the sanderlings, gulls, and hawks we enjoy throughout all the seasons.

Ocean Beach

If you’re going to go to Ocean Shores to birdwatch, let’s start your adventure on one of the few drivable Washington State beaches.

North Jetty on the South End

With its own views, rock faces, and sounds of the tides crashing in, the jetty is remarkable. But we are talking birds here, and the shorebirds that line these rocky areas are available all the time.

Oyhut Wildlife Recreation Area

This 683 acre area is a stand out location in Washington State. But it is also one of Ocean Shores’ best spots for birding.

Damon Point

Damon Point

A great spot for the adventurous birding enthusiast, Damon Point is a must-see!

A Spot Around Every Corner

You will find so many more places for birding in Ocean Shores. Have a look around!  And don’t forget to bring a camera with a good zoom lens.   You’ll want to make sure you capture the most incredible birds, without having to disturb them in their natural habitat.  From trails to the shoreline or the canals, there are so many great places to find birds of all kinds.

A Spot Around Every Corner

"I loved visiting Ocean Shores nearly every year as a child, and have carried on the tradition with my wife and son." -Shane S.

Explore the Shores.

“Exploring Ocean Shores was the easiest decision I’ve ever had to make. The sheer beauty of the outdoors was what sold it for me!”

-James Hillier, Gig Harbor

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