The stores of the Shores are ready to serve you!

Did you leave something important back home? From groceries to beachwear, and pet supplies to bike rentals, we've got you covered. Maybe you just want a souvenir of your time, or a spot to shop. Everything you need is right around the corner.

So many stores, shops, galleries and treasures await!

For family fun, momentos of memories made, or rentals to enhance your time here, there is a lot of shopping to be done in Ocean Shores.

Clothes Shopping

Forget to pack your swimsuit? Need a hoodie with our name on it? We have that and more.

Souvenirs are a Must!

T-shirts and shot glasses, keychains and stickers. We have every kind of souvenir you can dream of.

Sport Supply and Rental

Whether you’re looking to fly a kite, rent a bike, or paddle your way through our canals, we’ve got your sporting and activity needs here.

Home Decor and Antiques

Looking for something a little more permanent to remind you of your trip here? Try out our wonderful home decor and antique stores.

Snacks, Candy, and Groceries

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the items to complete your vacation meal plans, or just a snack to satisfy that sweet tooth, it can all be just around the corner from wherever you are.

"I love exploring all of the fun shops at Ocean Shores with family and friends. There are always treasures to find. The salt air down there just refreshes my soul!!!!"

Shopping businesses in Ocean Shores