OS_Thrift_1Planning and Preparations for the Weather and the Fun

The weather on the coast of Washington State never seems to fail at being different than you imagined. No matter the time of year, nor what the weather looked like when you packed your bags for a weekend getaway from Seattle, Tacoma, or Portland, you can pretty much count on the weather changing before you get here. But that’s what is so amazing about Ocean Shores.  You’re always in for some delightful surprises whether it’s a beautiful sunset or an amazing storm to watch.

Up in the Air and Flying

Once you’re in town, turn right at the round-about, driving past the convention center; you won’t be up in the air, but you’ll be close! At Ocean Shores Kites (172 W Chance a La Mer NW, Ocean Shores, WA 98569) you can purchase nearly any kind of kite imaginable.  Even a giant octopus kite! The friendly people at Ocean Shores Kites will fit you for the best kite for your needs. And don’t worry, you won’t have to wet your finger to see if the wind will be strong enough to lift your kite in Ocean Shores. Kite fans love it here.

If you want, you could fly a kite in Ocean Shores 365 days per year. Our wind is ideal for all kinds of kites and all kinds of kite flyers! Kite flyers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and so do the kites. People enjoy flying kites and others enjoy watching them fly.  It’s a wind, wind situation.

The Boardwalk Shops of Ocean Shores are calling!

After taking advantage of our weather and flying, your next stop should be the colorful Boardwalk Shops. The boardwalk shops are fun and known to be great for shopping and browsing.  The Flying Cat has the essentials for cooking a great meal and some of the best sauces for your next dinner as a family. And like all of Ocean Shores, the friendly culture and beach community vibe is always welcoming of visitors.  Cute little shops like Flying Cats has been in Ocean Shores for nearly twenty years. They have a great selection of teas to warm you after a brisk morning walk on the beach and many kitchen items that you didn’t know were available. In addition they have great jewelry and scarves as well!  You can find the boardwalk shops like Flying Cats at 749 Point Brown Ave NW, Ocean Shores, Washington 98569.

And each Boardwalk store is different!  Your shopping adventure awaits.

Celtic Fun in Ocean Shores

And if you would like to fly more than kites, you need to visit Celtic Imports – Gift Shop — Galway Bay – 880 Point Brown Avenue NE. The Irish Pub offers more than Irish beer and ale and great food, they also sell Irish and Scottish goods. They have wool hats, caps, scarves, banners, flags, mugs, books, music and capes to sell, too. The hats are made in Donegal, and if you wear one, you’d better be a people person!  The hat attracts attention and folks will constantly ask about your hat and where you bought it.

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Some people say to pack for rain in Ocean Shores, but what if it’s sunny the entire time you’re here?  Or you’re here for a special occasion like a festival or special event? We can solve the unexpected needs of weather changes and forgotten attire by simply encouraging you to make a stop at Anchor Thrift (848 Anchor Ave NW, Ocean Shores, WA 98569) . This wonderful used clothing and household items store has a wide selection of goods that any traveler or party-goer can use.  From weather specific clothes to beach goodies and more, Anchor Thrift is a go-to for the thrifty traveler or the collector of the most unique and fun goods from our community. Plus, you might arrive on a day when you can get 50% off nearly any item in the store or beach clothes for as little as $2!

And don’t be turned off by the term “used” clothing. Vacationers often purchase clothes when they arrive and then donate them again as they leave town. Imagine going on vacation and essentially renting all of your beach attire. If you’re not set up for beachcombing our shoreline or hiking our vast trails, then stop on into Anchor Thrift and find nearly any treasure you might need! Who knows? You might find the right clothes for almost any occasion.

OS_Thrift_3Books, Bargains, Possibilities, and Doing Good

Our shops, along with antique and thrift stores have more than just clothes, of course. People come to Ocean Shores for many reasons, but relaxing and shopping are some of the best reasons to visit.

Books are a great way to relax, and at a time when even paperback books sell for upwards of ten dollars, doesn’t it make sense to pick up a few books for under a dollar? People that rent or own condos usually bring books to the beach with them, and many of them donate the books on their way out of town.  Anchor Thrift and others have a wide selection of books on their shelves that won’t break the bank. And they love donations! So bring a few of your own to donate or stop by on your way into town and find the right book for your weekend adventure in Ocean Shores.

OS_Thrift_4That treasure from the beach

Many of our thrift stores have really good deals on treasures and antiques, but did you know that some even sell power tools? What might sell in larger cities for big bucks, you might find at any of our thrift stores for very affordable prices. Of course, large items won’t work well if you are driving a small car or convertible, but if you can spare some room, you could easily bring back a number of bargains for that home decor project that you’ve been putting off!

And spending money in Ocean Shores helps keep our community thriving.  Thrift stores like Anchor Thrift donate a portion of their funds to help the needy in our community.  You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that each purchase helps transform the lives of those who are in need and hungry. Sales from Anchor Thrift Store directly benefit the Ocean Shores Food Bank and several other local charities. Specifically, your donations/purchases help provide emergency food to North Beach community children, families and individuals who would have otherwise gone hungry.

From thrift and antiques, to new and unusual, our Ocean Shores shops are just like our weather, surprising!  You never really know what you’re going to find, but you’ll enjoy yourself and happily share your treasures and memories with family and friends who are on the Ocean Shores adventures with you. Like a good kite and the experience of helping others, just relax and enjoy the lift.