Fun around every corner!

The unsung hero of our terrific city and culture is our love of the arts. From music and tours, to cinema and timeless exhibits, we are so proud to show off our love for expression and experience.

Soak in Ocean Shores’ history, culture, and the true spirit of where we came from and where we are going!

Miles and miles of spaces to hike, any time of year, all across our city! Find a hidden gem, see some wildlife, or explore the coastline.


Whether it’s the annual Irish Music Festival or one of the many venues for local bands to perform in, Ocean Shores is your destination for all kinds of music in Grays Harbor County.

Live Theatre

With so many local artists, it’s hard to know where to begin. Art galleries, photography studios, and our very own live theatre company are all a part of the artistic culture of Ocean Shores.

Local Talent on Display

Have a love for the creative arts? Looking for Shores inspired pottery, paintings and more? Visit our friends at the Gallery of Ocean Shores.

Pubs, Bars, & Clubs, Oh My!

The often casual, always enjoyable nightlife of Ocean Shores is lead by several terrific bars to enjoy on your nights out.

Place Your Bets

Just to the north of our lovely city, enjoy a host of mature accommodations at the Quinalt Beach Resort and Casino

"I loved escaping from the city to retreat at Ocean Shores, especially with its easy access shoreline, and unique collection of privately owned restaurants and shops."
-Angela S.

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