There is no better way to fully explore the Shores than to enjoy the beautiful hiking available all across our city. But don’t assume that it’s all easy walking when you to come to a place like Ocean Shores. So many terrific adventures await you here, when you explore the Shores!

OC_Beach20Grass20and20Sand1Weather Permitting

I mean, it’s Washington State. We get rain. And we are also surrounded by water at Ocean Shores, so this hiking hint and reminder goes out to our wonderful visitors and our lovely locals: What you wear matters when hiking across the Shores.

First, footwear. If you are a truly avid hiker, and want to take aim at dozens of miles of pristine mossy trails, wide open coastline, slick rocky shores, and uncharted paths, a do-it-all hiking boot is needed. It may feel odd to have your boots strapped on as you stroll down the sandy shoreline, but once you find the rocky coast and driftwood that pops up in our southern ends, you’ll be glad you had on something sturdy, slip resistant, and weatherproof. So invest in good shoes, if you haven’t already.

Additionally, the weather that whips in and out off of the Pacific Ocean can occasionally pop up quickly. Some of our trails can take you miles away from wherever you’re set up, parked, or staying, so mind the forecasts. Have a jacket ready for wind and rain, either on you or in your bag. You’ll be glad you have it when the winds whip up above 20 miles or a rain shower hops by.

Other essentials include water, flashlights, and a camera. That last one isn’t an essential. But when you explore the Shores, it is wise to expect picturesque views, indigenous wildlife, and breath-taking coastline.

Event CalendarGet to the Point

Damon Point, that is. If we are talking about hiking in Ocean Shores, we have to go here first. For the hiking enthusiast, this four mile hike is not so difficult, but it takes you about as far away as any point in the Shores will take you. So park your RV at the Quinalt Marina and head off for an adventure that, depending on the season of your trip, offers whale-watching, birding spots for the snowy plover or snowy owl, sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, or watching freightliners pass. And if you’re much of a beachcomber, the chance to find sea glass or beautiful agates is always nearby.

If you’re looking to take in every ounce of Damon Point’s coastal beauty, here’s another reminder about footwear. Loose sand makes this trip a bit more daunting than it appears, and may lay claim to a rogue flip-flop! So strap on those boots and voyage on.

OC_Trail20to20WaterAnd Not Just Weather… Weatherwax

On the interior of Ocean Shores rests over 120 acres of forest and minor undulations known as the Weatherwax Trails. Winding around Duck Lake, this 1.2 mile path is a beautiful getaway from the busyness of beachgoers and vacationers. Look for birds, deer, and other local wildlife as you walk this path that is great for every skill level.

Coastline, Rocky Shores, and Wildlife Preserves

We’ve highlighted two great spots to explore the Shores on your next hiking adventure, but there are more places to see! Miles of straight coastline are perfect for birding, people watching, and gazing out across the waters that surround us here. The jetty offers a more unique terrain full of wet rock faces, vibrant sea life and birds, and driftwood to navigate around. And the nearly 700 square mile Oyhut Bay Natural Preserve offers endless possibilities for hiking and taking in the natural scenery of Ocean Shores. So come see it all!