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There’s always something new to discover at Ocean Shores, so stay up to date with our latest news and announcements. From fresh and exciting seaside adventures to new restaurant openings, this is the place to see what’s current!

Ocean Shores Beautiful Sights and Photo Ops

Beauty in Nature and Action The beauty of Ocean Shores is constantly changing. A winter snow storm often reveals the gracefulness of a hawk gliding across the whitened dunes. A


The Artistic Impulse at Ocean Shores

The Artistic Impulse at Ocean Shores Art is self-expression, but it also plays a role in connecting people and the world. Art plays a vivid role in expanding creativity and

Magical Winter Months in Ocean Shores

You’ve earned a new office view! WORK FROM HOME AT THE BEACH!  You couldn’t find a prettier office! In the winter months Ocean Shores becomes magical. The locals are out watching